My New Pattern…

…is almost ready. It is a selbu style mitten featuring whales and hearts. It’s kind of mushy and I love it, I just need to layout the pattern and finish the second mitten. It takes longer than what I had originally thought, and I’m also knitting for a huge sale in mid to late October (I need the money guys, so be patient). This pattern will be for sale, as I think it’s the bee’s knees. It’ll be four dollars, and will have some modifications available that I’m still needing to narrow down.

I realize I haven’t had a whole lot of knitting content recently. I know I’m a knitting blog. It’s just, the parts of my life that aren’t knitting are so interesting right now! I need to share them with you guys because I don’t want there to be a bunch of dark spaces that I touch on that no one knows anything about. But I’m back to knitting and spinning lots and I’ll be sharing all of these things with you shortly.

And tonight, the etsy shop is going up! Hooray! Soon I’ll have hand dyed yarn for sale, patterns for sale and completed knitting projects for sale, and I’ll ship anywhere in North America (excepting my patterns, available for instant download on ravelry).

I have a lot to do, and a lot of exciting things are coming up soon. Hold tight!

My Yesterday

On Tuesdays I have class from 8:30am to 12:30 pm. This leaves me plenty of free time to spend time with my love, get some homework done, work on my etsy shop or other commission knits, and otherwise just have a great time on one of my easier days.

So after I vegged out on the couch after class, I went to go see my love with my socks in tow.

I had the bus to myself, so as I experimented with some camera settings as the bus rolled over our horrendous roads, it seems that I actually got some okay pictures out of the deal! They’re slightly underexposed as I had to sacrifice my shutter speed, but next time I’ll fiddle with my ISO and see if I can get some (even better) photos for you guys.

The downtown in my city is pretty bleak, but a few years ago there was an initiative put in place to update the downtown and there was a bunch of these gardens installed. I love them so much, they really brighten up our streets on dreary days. A lot of our plants are pretty hardy as we’re a fairly northern climate but we love it nonetheless.

To wrap up our lovely day, have a photo from my favourite sushi place downtown! These paper lanterns hang above each table and it’s so beautiful.

Cambrian Life

So. I have been talking a lot about going to school, and I feel like I’m not being totally up front about my situation. I was in university for two years, and there I met my lovely fiancé. Over this past summer, he popped the question and I realized that I would eventually have to live the life I was setting myself up for. Hence the program switch!

So there, I’ve gotten you all caught up. Have some pictures, you lovelies.

These were taken in the courtyard at my school.

Since I take graphic design and I take photography class the whole way through, I could justify a new camera purchase. I love it, and my skills have already improved so much and it’s been only one class!

And now for some of my favourite colour, a frosty blue mintish colour.

Too Cool for School

To be honest, my school is pretty great. It’s beautiful, my program is amazing, and I’m pushed to be creative every day. I am in Graphic Design, and right now I’m brainstorming multiple projects. I can only imagine this will be good for my knitting (especially as we just watched a video on how to hone the creative process) and I’m excited to wow my family with the work that I do in this program. Check out the picture I drew in my class the other day:

I know it’s pretty rudimentary, but being creative all the time (even though I often have to push myself to always be “on”) has really made me less frustrated and I don’t feel as though my creativity is squandered in front of 8 episodes of Parks and Recreation in a row (yeah, I never ever do that). But I believe that creativity spawns more creativity (especially when I have a bunch of unusable ideas that eventually turn into a huge, slightly more usable idea months later when I have no time to execute it), and I feel that constantly pushing myself to be creative can only be a good thing for every single part of my life.

I can also knit in class, you guys. Whether I finish an assignment early or I am watching a short movie, those socks/mittens are out and ready to see the world at any given opportunity, and I’m loving the time I have to put into my knitting.

And spinning. It’s lovely.


I am a knitter.  A very good knitter.  I have been knitting for (almost) 15 years and at the ripe age of 20, I do not hesitate in calling myself a veteran.  However, it is not the time I have spent knitting that makes me skilled in my craft, it is my passion that truly makes me a great knitter.  I’m meticulous, creative, and always looking to build my skills.

I do not feel this way about crochet.

I learned to crochet before I learned to knit (while I may have my differences with the craft, it is a very good beginners fibre craft) and I did not like it.  It must have started when I single crocheted a large chain and my younger sister snipped it in half.  Since then, knitting has been my craft and crochet has remained a distant memory.

It should have stayed that way.

A few weeks ago, at work, I spoke with a friend of mine.  She told me a tale of woe, involving $170 of yarn that went to waste when she realized she 1) hated crochet and 2) couldn’t figure out how to do it.  She has a little girl and she is newly married, and I knew that she couldn’t justify having that much wasted money in her house.  My heart broke for her, her expectations of a lovely blanket shattered by the fickle mistress that is crochet.

Cut to about a week ago, when I was discussing the etsy shop that I am in the process of creating for my yarn and knitting wares.  She asked if I ever knit things on commission, to which I said yes, of course.  She then batted her doe eyes and asked if I would crochet her blanket in exchange for a reasonable sum.

And here I am.  Wondering why, why oh why am I crocheting an entire throw?  Pictures to come when I get home, as I am avoiding the inevitable by working on my “Whale of a Time” mittens.

PS: The throw is lovely.  As it should be, its eating my soul and joy, after all.

Working Away

Today is the day.  The day that I got a consistent internet connection, a good camera, and a legitimate start on the rest of my life.  Finally.

I began the Graphic Design program at the local college, and I feel as though I’m in the right direction.  The things that had stressed me out so much this past week have all come together beautifully and I’m so excited.

Now I can focus on what I love to do.  Knitting.  A post on spinning will come tomorrow.